Doctor Who Tumblr hits 100,000 followers, Matt Smith says congrats, and everything is perfect.

Go watch the video above. You know, the one we’ve titled DOCTOR WHO TUMBLR YAY EVERYBODY WE REACHED 100,000 FOLLOWERS NOW HERE’S A WORD FROM MATT!’

Ok. Now we can finally say it:


A year ago we started this Tumblr to celebrate our favorite reblogged Doctor Who fan art, fan posts, gifs, news, and other wibbly wobbly tumblry wumblry stuff.  Yes, we’re an official blog but as you can tell, we’re a little different.

That’s because we’re *your* official blog. The Doctor Who Tumblr is the show as seen through your eyes.

It’s fueled by your love for the Doctor, Amy, Rory, River, Ten, Nine, Donna, Rose, Martha, Sarah Jane, Captain Jack, Sue from Catering, the TARDIS, Classic Who, twelve Jammie Dodgers and a fez.

It’s every character and every story and every relationship and everyone who’s involved in this show that makes this thing the thing that it is.

As Matt Smith once said, the show is much bigger than just him or Karen or Arthur or Moffat or Caro (or just Tennant or Baker for that matter)…. That’s because the show is made up of all of us from the people who make the show in Cardiff to the people who meet online and irl worldwide to share their love of Doctor Who.

And that’s why we’ve always said that the Doctor Who Tumblr is your tumblr. These are your posts and these are your 100,000 followers.

So congrats! Now let’s have the Tumblr version of a PARTY!

First: we need decorations! So we asked the AMAZING gif artist that is lulinternet to create a new gif for us:

Awesome, right?

So we took that and made a badge for you to put on your sidebar (you will love it on your blagh!), you know, in case you want to tell everyone else:

And what else… oh yeah! Gifts! As a thank you, we’re sending a prize pack of Doctor Who stuff (thank you!) to our 100,000th follower, because, you know, they were lucky and that’s what you do for the lucky 100,000th follower.

But because we also appreciate loyalty, we’re giving a prize pack away to our very *first* follower as well. Because, you know, that’s how we roll.

So that’s about it. Sparknotes version: 100k followers, Matt smouldering on camera, awesome gif art, and gifts for being here with us. Also, while Huck is in moral conflict with the received values of the society in which he lives, he ultimately learns that there is nothing more important than friendship. (bad sparknotes joke is bad terrible)

We know there are Tumblr blogs with more followers (we’re looking at you, Beyoncé)…

…and tumblr blogs that post nothing but 10k notes…

… but we are so incredibly incredibly proud of this because it is about you and you truly are the greatest fandom ever.

Thanks for following.

Have you ever gone back to this post and say “damn, I love this blog and fandom”?

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